How come am I the happiest person in the world?

    It took me sometime to realize how happy I am and how happy I can be. The good thing about going through hell is that when you get out of it, one of the ways you can choose for your life is to value every happy moment you have. And living my life like that makes me the happiest person in the world. For a year, I woke up every day not knowing if I would be able to get out of my bed, or if I would have one single unwanted intrusive thought that would destroy my day. And sometimes I would have some very pleasant days, and I used to get so excited thinking that the dark phase was gone, and then the next day I was there: lying in bed all day without any sparkle in my eyes. And those days taught me what buddhists have been trying to explain to humanity since I don’t know when: everything passes. So now, when I finally don’t have any more dark days, I value so much every single happy day I have, I don’t take them for granted, because I know (actually I don’t) that tomorrow may not be as nice with me as my present has been. And that’s how I feel the happiest person in the world.